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Weight Loss And Healthy Eating

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Whether its losing those last few pounds or making the changes that will set you on a permanent healthy lifestyle, Hypnotherapy is able to retrain your relationship with food.

The rules for a healthy lifestyle are simple, yet the reasons we break them are often highly complex. When it comes to food and lifestyle we all know what we should eat and how active we should be to be healthy and happy. Yet it is often difficult to follow our better instincts and eat healthily and to do even a small amount of exercise. Whether you are worried about your weight or just feel that you eat the wrong foods hypnotherapy can help.

Too often faddy diets let us down, this is because they are not treating the source of the problem, simply the effects, which means when the diet is over our old habits start to come back. Often the reasons that we overeat are complex and very emotional and unless these reasons are dealt with your eating habits will not change, hypnotherapy aims to delve into these reasons and help you to overcome them. By altering our perception of food and giving motivation to do more exercise hypnotherapy can help you break your old habits. Contact me to start eating more healthily and enjoy a new lifestyle.

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“I was always frightened of flying and going on holiday was quite traumatic. Now after seeing Christopher I don’t have nerves and can concentrate on enjoying the holiday!”
– Claire
“The hypnotherapy session really helped me to give up smoking. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done and I’ve fallen off the wagon before’ but the session gave me the extra strength to stick to it and give up for good.”
– Alex
“I have lost over two stones and I’m over the moon. The Hypnosis has really stuck and I don’t overeat anymore. I would recommend hypnoterapy to anyone.”
– Robin