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Stop Smoking

Make a step towards giving up

Quitting smoking through will power alone can be gruelling, but in most cases a single session of hypnotherapy is enough to help you quit.

For most smokers this is more than a bad habit, it is a part of their routine and daily life. For this reason quitting is about more than just will power; it’s about changing the way that you live and the way the way that you see yourself. Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to help you change the way that you think about smoking and allow you to change for good.

Most clients who come to me for help quitting smoking have previously tried and failed to quit using will power alone, a method that is often difficult and unsuccessful because it does not treat the subconscious desire to continue smoking that still lingers. Hypnotherapy is able to change the way our subconscious thinks and can help you quit after just one session.

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“I was always frightened of flying and going on holiday was quite traumatic. Now after seeing Christopher I don’t have nerves and can concentrate on enjoying the holiday!”
– Claire
“The hypnotherapy session really helped me to give up smoking. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done and I’ve fallen off the wagon before’ but the session gave me the extra strength to stick to it and give up for good.”
– Alex
“I have lost over two stones and I’m over the moon. The Hypnosis has really stuck and I don’t overeat anymore. I would recommend hypnoterapy to anyone.”
– Robin