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Welcome to Hypnosis Bay Therapy. I believe that everyone has the power within themselves to become the person that they want to be, but sometimes we need just a little extra help to achieve our goals and overcome our obstacles. Many negative behaviours seem impossible to beat, this is because they are so deeply rooted in our subconscious that they become second nature to us, just like walking and talking.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you get to where you want to be by reprogramming your subconscious mind to alter behaviours that had previously been destructive and harmful, allowing you to regain control and be the person that you want to be.

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist I have experience of helping people with a variety of problems, ranging from bad habits like smoking and nail biting, confidence building, weight loss, phobias, stress and any number of other problems.

I practice from a safe and welcoming environment and strongly believe in an individual and nurturing approach to treating each client and problem. If your particular problem is not specifically mentioned on this website or you are unsure if hypnotherapy is for you, please get in touch I may still be able to help.


Weight Loss

Whether its losing those last few pounds or making the changes that will set you on a permanent healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy is able to retrain your relationship with food.

Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking through will power alone can be grueling, but in most cases a single session of hypnotherapy is enough to help you quit.

Stress, Anxiety And Relaxation

There are times when we all feel burdened by what is going on in our lives. Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to help us cope and manage stress long term.


Whether a daily inconvenience or something that has held you back from achieving your life’s goals, hypnotherapy can help you move forward without being restricted.

Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence and Self Esteem can be eroded in the modern world making you feel low. Let Hypnotherapy help you increase and develop your self-confidence.

Other Conditions

Hypnotherapy has the potential to help with an endless list of problems, so if you are unsure please get in touch.


Typically £75 a hour. £115 for 90 minutes. (Discounts for more sessions).

please contact to find more information.